7-Day Cat Training Crash Course

Cinder, Rainy, and I are going to school. We’re enrolled in the online school called Clicking with Your Cat, taught by Julie the Cat Teacher. So far, we’ve completed the 7-Day Cat Training Crash Course. This article will overview the course and share what we’ve learned. The first series of lessons is called Welcome to Cat School. It includes a note from the teacher, an overview of clicker training, and a list of needed school supplies. In her note, Julie encourages students to take their time completing the lessons. I’ve appreciated the freedom to speed through some of the lessons … Continue reading 7-Day Cat Training Crash Course

Guides to Training Cats

If you’re looking for new ways to enrich your cat’s life, start with these six books on training cats. Cat Training in 10 Minutes by Miriam Fields-Babineau is the first book I encountered on training cats. The majority of the chapters are dedicated to teaching obedience, start with an overview and then include clear steps for the lesson to be taught. For example, in talking about sit, Babineau explains that sit is a base behavior for many more complicated behaviors. Because cats also have an inherent inclination to rest on their haunches, sit is also a quick command to teach. … Continue reading Guides to Training Cats

An Online School for Cats

These days, school is not just for people. It’s also for pets including cats. Cat School is an online clicker training program that offers courses to teach people to clicker train cats to learn fun and practical behaviors. The school’s founder, Julie Posluns, created Cat School when she realized that cats were missing out on the enrichment and practical skills that clicker training provides. ALLISON: Tell me about your background with animals. JULIE: In 2003, I enrolled in a dog training course in British Columbia. It was “accredited” and I thought that meant something about the quality and content but … Continue reading An Online School for Cats

The Cat Training Series: Clicker Training

Clicker training has been around for over half century. B.F. Skinner discovered its underlying principles in the 1940’s and used a clicker publicly as a marker with a dog in the 1950’s. Within ten years, dolphin trainers began to use whistles for the same purpose, that of cuing animals with sound to perform desired behaviors. In the 1970s, clicker training gained popularity with pet owners, when animal trainers Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes started giving clicker training seminars to dog owners. After that, in 1998, Alexandra Kurland published Clicker Training for Your Horse. This text led to the publication of … Continue reading The Cat Training Series: Clicker Training

Clicker Learning Institute for Cats and Kittens

CLICK is a non-profit program in Colorado designed to increase shelter cat adoptions and elevate the status of cats. The program fosters cats to clicker train them to perform fun and useful behaviors, such as target, high-five, willingly accept nail trims, and go into a carrier. The program also helps cats that require other behavior modification to learn to accept handling or become less fearful around people in the shelter setting. All its methods are based on positive reinforcement. Through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, I became acquainted with Cheryl Kolus, Behavior and Training Manager at CLICK. She … Continue reading Clicker Learning Institute for Cats and Kittens

Guest Post: Clicker Training Your Rabbit

Reprinted with permission from Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin, Clicker Bunny. This article is original in content and not to be reproduced elsewhere in any form. For more information, check out the book Getting Started: Clicking with Your Rabbit. What goes Hop…Click, Hop…Click? Why, a clicker bunny of course! Clicker bunnies are happily hopping over jumps, running through tunnels, tossing toys and generally having fun with their people all over the country. According to clicker pioneer Karen Pryor, “Clicking with bunnies brightens their lives, exercises their surprisingly lively minds, and brings out their endearing personalities. They’ll LOVE training you to click … Continue reading Guest Post: Clicker Training Your Rabbit