Hasara Lay is the owner of two adventure cats, the founder of the  Catexplorer website, and the host of the Catexplorer podcost.  Nearly 25 years ago, Hasara started exploring the world with her childhood cat, Tabby, The two were strongly bonded and so Hasara took her with her on family road trips, which occurred every few months. When Tabby died, Hasara grieved for a long time. At the same time, she felt grateful to Tabby who taught her much about life and cats. For example, Tabby introduced her to the concept of adventure cats, long before this was even a … Continue reading Catexplorer

Rainy Out and About Town

After reading an article about dog-friendly businesses in downtown Lincoln, I decided to write my own article about cat-friendly Lincoln businesses. My cat Rainy and I visited five businesses this past summer. For variety, we also visited a couple of parks. Panera Bread was the first business on our list. My husband, Andy, and I took Rainy and our toy poodle, Barnaby, to Gateway Mall for lunch on the patio at Panera Bread. While I stayed outside with the pets, Andy went inside to order our meals. When he returned, Barnaby eagerly claimed his lap, while Rainy admired the scenery … Continue reading Rainy Out and About Town

KCC Adventure Cats

There is a movement afoot, one known as adventure cats, which is composed of cat owners who are exploring the great outdoors with their feline friends. The group KCC Adventure Cats is part of that movement, and Emily Odum Hall is the host of the group. Emily didn’t start out with adventure cats. When she started blogging, she wanted to share online about life with her cats. As her life changed, so did her blog. At first, it expanded into a means to raise awareness for cats with cerebellar hypoplasia and other special-needs animals. Now although she still writes on … Continue reading KCC Adventure Cats

Interview with Laura Moss, Author of Adventure Cats

Laura Moss has been an outdoors lover and cat lady all her life. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in journalism, and has written about pets professionally for more than five years. Laura is also the mother of a timid rescue dog and two mischievous rescue kitties whom she’s clicker trained and leash trained. Her latest venture is the Adventure Cats website and accompanying book. When Moss couldn’t find an online resource for hitting the trail with her cat, she created one with the help of a group of fellow outdoorsy cat lovers. is also intended to challenge negative … Continue reading Interview with Laura Moss, Author of Adventure Cats