As a volunteer, I helped feed, socialize, and foster animals for various local animal rescues and shelters. I currently serve as media chair for Lincoln Animal Ambassadors, foster for The Cat House, and provide cat therapy to retirement communities and libraries. Since the spring of 2019, I have offered cat behavior consultations through The Cat House and the online group Helping Cats with Behavioral Issues.

I also maintain a pet education blog. My articles have appeared in Lincoln Kids, Lincoln 55+, Neighborhood Extra, Star City Sports, and the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants’ journal. Plays of mine were included in Hearts United for Animals’ educational curriculum.

My academic background includes a certificate in Cat Retention and Behavior and receipt of the Rebecca Park Scholarship from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. Professionally, I am a member of the IAABC and the Pet Professional Guild. I continue to educate myself, and am currently enrolled in courses from the Karen Pryor Institute, the Low-Stress Handling University, and Fear Free for Shelters.

To know more about my passion, watch my interview on All Pet Voices: https://www.facebook.com/AllPetVoices/videos/260010155386818/

Interested in my cat services? I offer cat behavior consultations, training in obedience and agility, and support for basic care and enrichment. All consults and training will use the Least Invasive and Minimally Aversive methods and be based on research-based scientific princples. Email me at allisontalkspets@gmail.com or message me at Allison Helps Cats.