A Click Away

  • 30-minute Zoom session of up to 10 participants (FREE): opportunity to network with other cat owners and to ask questions of a pet expert; topics vary each session
  • Phone/Video Call ($40): one-on-one problem-solving session about your cat’s behaviors

A Helping Hand

  • Seminar ($25): class presentation with opportunity to discuss your cat’s case
  • Single Topic ($40): instructions and demo in husbandry, enrichment, socialization, obedience, and/or agility

Guided Service

  • Behavior Package ($200): a video call or home visit, a behavior plan, weekly reports, and weekly email support for two months; the two-month countdown begins the day we discuss the behavior plan; $50 for each additional month. Price does not account for transportation or multiple cats.
  • Behavior Package Enhanced ($300): home visit, behavior plan, weekly email support for two months, two 30-minute follow-up calls, private Facebook group, YouTube demos; $50 for each additional month. Price does not account for transportation or multiple cats.

Other Factors

  • Transportation: Within Lincoln city limits, I am not charge extra for transportation time and cost. Outside of Lincoln, I charge 35 cents per mile of round trip driving distance. (Note: My driving distances will always be for the quickest route that avoids interstate highways.)
  • Multiple Cats: Prices are based on a single-cat household or multi-cat households where the behavioral problem is clearly limited to a single cat. Each additional behavioral plan will cost $75.
  • Aggression: For cases involving aggression, you must purchase the package rate.

Interested in my cat services? I offer cat behavior consultations, training in obedience and agility, and support for basic care and enrichment. Email me at or message me at Allison Helps Cats.