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Along the top of the page are links to Lincoln Pet Culture’s featured articles. Generally, these will be articles that have been published in the past two weeks. They might also be most-liked or the most-overlooked articles selected on the basis of site hits.

Next is a menu with five buttons: Lincoln Pet Culture, Who to Call, Contact, and Allison Helps Cats. To return to the main page, hit the Lincoln Pet Culture button. Each button contains a sub-menu that links to individual pages. The About section introduces Lincoln Pet Culture’s editor and provides information on where to follow LPC on social media and how to navigate the site. The Contact section provides a form for submitting questions, and provides information on how to write for LPC or to hire the services of LPC. The Who To Call section contains directory listings for Local Businesses That Serve Pets, Local Groups That Help Pets, Local Places That Allow Pets, and National Places That Help. And finally Allison Helps Cats overviews my cat behavior consulting business. It gives my qualifications, explains how it works, lists services and prices, and offers free behavior and training resources.

At the end of the menu is a magnifying glass. Click on it to do a search for content within the site.

Beneath the menu is a collage of photos created by Andy Frederick. All photos feature people and pets from Lincoln and will be swapped at times for others. Photos are copyright by Lincoln Pet Culture.

On the body of the page are teasers for the nine most current articles. Click on the Continue Reading button to access the entire article.

To access the side menu, you must click on a page or an article. Everything else you need can be found here.

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