How It Works


Email or message me with a brief description of your need.

If I can address your need with articles and other existing online resources, there is no cost.

Should you want a consult, I’ll send you a Consent to Treat form and a questionnaire specific to your need.

You will then have the option of paying for a one-hour phone call or an in-home visit. In either case, paperwork and payment are due BEFORE the consult.

Should you decide after a phone call or home visit to opt for a behavior plan, the above cost will be applied to the cost of the new package. In addition, I’ll send you a more extensive questionnaire that will help me better access your situation. I’ll also talk to your vet. The remaining payment is due with your additional paperwork.


Email me with a brief description of your need. I offer training in cat agility, obedience, and therapy. Articles and answers to general how-to questions are FREE. To hire me for direct services, you’ll need to sign a liability waiver and send payment.