How It Works


  • Send a brief description of your cat’s behavior to or  Allison Helps Cats.
  • I will ask you a few questions and advise you of my consultation prices.
  • Fill out an Intake Behavior questionnaire and provide vet contact info.
  • Sign a liability form and schedule an appointment for a home visit.
  • Payment is due upon confirmation of appointment.
  • Services may include a home visit, behavior plan, and/or follow-up support.


At Allison’s Helps Cats, I offer a research-based approach to cat behavior modification and training. I use positive reinforcement and adhere to the principles of LIMA (least intrusive minimal aversive) behavior strategies. In working with me, please understand this is a team effort that includes you, me, and your vet.

  • I will provide you with a step-by-step plan to changing your cat’s behavior.
  • You will be actively involved in implementing this plan.
  • Your vet will be consulted for their medical expertise and appraised of our work.

To start this process, send a brief description of your cat’s behavior to or Allison Helps Cats. I will ask some questions to help me assess your cat’s behavior. Depending on the service you select, the rest of this process might include: Intake Behavior Questionnaire, Home Visit, Behavior Plan, Weekly Reports, and Additional Support. You will also be asked to sign a Liability Waiver.

Intake Behavior Questionnaire: This is an in-depth questionnaire that asks you about your cat’s history, home environment, lifestyle, behavior, and training, as well as your expectations. This questionnaire is key to helping me to assess your cat’s behavior and pinpoint problem areas to address.

Home Visit: A visit allows me to meet your cat, see your cat in its natural environment, and observe your cat’s interactions with people and pets. We will also discuss your intake questionnaire, address any input or concerns you might have, and decide on initial strategies. My goal is to develop a plan that not only benefits your cat but meets your lifestyle too. A home visit typically takes two to three hours.

Behavior Plan: This in-depth plan includes my assessment of your cat’s behavior, recommendations for modification, and goals. It is sent to you within a week of my visit.

  • assessment: the issue, possible causes, and previously tried interventions
  • implementation steps: breakdown of one or two steps to take each week, up to two months
  • recommendations: explanation for your cat’s behavior, management and behavior techniques, medical considerations, and related resources 
  • foundational principles: the science behind my recommendations

Weekly Progress Report (available only with a package): These interactive reports will track your cat’s weekly process based on my customized behavior plan. Your answers will provide me with updates as well as alert me to any strategies that might need need to be adjusted.

Interested in my cat services? I offer cat behavior consultations, training in obedience and agility, and support for basic care and enrichment. Email me at or message me at Allison Helps Cats.