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Be a village.
Share your opinions, but in the spirit of engaging friendly discussion and debate. Remember that others have valid beliefs too. Be open to listening to and learning from comments. And when you disagree, present reasons not criticisms. Make your argument about the issue, not a person, and seek to find common ground. History has shown us that progress has been greatest when cooperation has been greatest.

Be kind.
Before you post a comment, think of what you might say to a respected friend or to a child. Praise efforts and recognize accomplishments. Offer a helping hand to someone who is hurt. Be gentle with those that fail and offer them encouragement. Use appropriate language and tone. The best defense we have against compassion fatigue is to make a commitment to kindness.

Be an ambassador.
Assume the best of anyone who asks for help. Share your knowledge by offering resources. Show compassion by providing support. Help pet owners find ways to keep their pets and to strengthen bonds. As we do this, we’ll create more humane relationships, and save more animals.