Review: Newfoundland Pony Tales By Marian Brake

The idea for Newfoundland Pony Tales came to author Marion Brake when she visited the Newfoundland Pony Refuge in Change Islands and could not find a children’s book about the pony in the town’s visitor’s center. To meet that need, Brake decided to write her own. The result was a collection of stories about the ponies, with an introduction about the sanctuary. The illustrations by professional artist Cassandra Gallant are gorgeous, while the semi-interconnected tales are cute and left me wanting more. Newfoundland Pony Tales starts out by introducing Tia, the oldest Newfoundland Pony on Change Island. Her owners could no … Continue reading Review: Newfoundland Pony Tales By Marian Brake

A Horse Named Lady & Lady’s Big Surprise by Marion Brake

Purchasing a horse had been a life-long dream for Newfoundland author Marion Brake. Lady, purchased in the late 1990’s, became the inspiration for her first two books: A Horse Named Lady and Lady’s Big Surprise. Both picture books are somewhat unconventional, yet delightful. A Horse Named Lady is about a young boy named Simon who wants a horse. His grouchy neighbor owns a horse that he overworks. One day after a visit, Simon senses that Lady is sad and asks his parents about buying her. How she ends up with him forms the rest of the tale.  Lady’s Big Surprise was written based on … Continue reading A Horse Named Lady & Lady’s Big Surprise by Marion Brake

Review: A Horse for All Seasons, Stories Collected by Sheila Kelly Welch

A Horse for All Seasons is a collection of stories for horse lovers, compiled by Sheila Kelly Welch. Her short story contribution to it is The Strays. In that story, Brent is a teenager living in foster care with the McCormicks. His birth mom has just signed all the necessary plans for the adoption agency to make an adoption plan. If Brent decides not to let the McCormicks adopt him, he’ll need to move into another foster home. Ember is a horse that had been stabled with Sky, who recently slipped on a patch of ice in the pasture. Brent … Continue reading Review: A Horse for All Seasons, Stories Collected by Sheila Kelly Welch

Review: Misty of Chincoteague

Imagine growing up on an island where wild ponies roam. For Paul and Maureen Beebe, characters in Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry, it leaves them with an insatiable desire to have one for themselves. They even have a particular pony in mind: the Phantom. Some said she was dark like the pine trees; others said she was the color of copper with splashes of silver. When Paul catches a glimpse of her, however, the feature which most stands out is a strange white marking that begins at her withers and spreads out like the United States of America. Now … Continue reading Review: Misty of Chincoteague

A Love for Horses

Carol Miller’s passion for horses recently led her to adopt a rescued horse through Hooves and Paws. Her love began as a young person. At 14 years of age, Carol received her first horse as a gift from her dad. She learned how to ride and show jump on Hurry Sundown, a quarter horse and American Saddlebred mix, and has fond memories of her time with him. One particular moment stands out to Carol. “My dad would haul our horses up to Chimney Rock to ride. On one ride, we were heading up the ridge and Sundown stopped. He wouldn’t … Continue reading A Love for Horses

Guest Post: The Most Important Things Horses Have Taught Me

National Day of the Horse falls on the second Saturday of December. The holiday encourages people of the United States to be mindful of the contribution of horses to American economy, history, and character. Thanks to Heather Wallace for writing the following tribute to horses. There is a unique relationship between humans and horses that go back potentially 6,000 years. Our relationship has changed our manner of transport, farming, warfare, and art. During the industrial revolution horses were numerous and were depended upon by many people for their strength and dependability. They were the backs upon which our modern world was … Continue reading Guest Post: The Most Important Things Horses Have Taught Me

Review: Mustang Wild Spirit of the West by Marguerite Henry

What are you passionate about? Who supports your interest? Have you ever been an activist? In Mustang Wild Spirit of the West by Marguerite Henry, Annie Johnston loves horses. So does her family and her future husband. One day after spying a cattle truck of horses more dead than alive, Annie became an activist. This is her story. What’s even more noteworthy is that Annie Johnston, affectionately known as “Wild Horse Annie,” actually lived and fought for the survival of mustang. I love this book! Every time I read it, and I have read it multiple times, I am unable to … Continue reading Review: Mustang Wild Spirit of the West by Marguerite Henry

Saving the Newfoundland Pony

Kate has a little bit of royalty about her. The governor general, David Johnson, and his wife Sharon visited. Kate was six days old. We asked, “Would you like to name her?” “Yes,” she said, “I’d love to.” So she named her Kate after the Duchess of Cambridge. She said when they return home from their tour, they’ll be saying they just named a NL pony after Kate. “It’s very unfortunate,” the governor general’s wife said, “Kate Middleton is very allergic to horse hair”.—Netta LeDrew The eleven ponies living at the Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary are of all ages. The youngest … Continue reading Saving the Newfoundland Pony