How Much Time Does Pet Care Take?

No matter what pet you are getting, you should consider how much of your time it will require. In this article, I’ll cover the numerous ways a pet owner can expect to spend time on a pet. I’ll also share stories from pet owners of some of the more rewarding and the more challenging ways can pets fill our lives. A ROUTINE SCHEDULE How much of your time will a dog require? At a minimum, you’ll need to take your dog out to potty every few hours, and you should feed him at least twice per day and change his … Continue reading How Much Time Does Pet Care Take?

The Real Cost of Pet Ownership

The cost of pet ownership is something everyone needs to carefully consider. In this article, I’ll cover the minimal cost of owning a pet, share stories of unexpected expenses, and suggest some cost-saving measures. THE MINIMAL COST OF PET OWNERSHIP Let’s start with the cost of owning a pet. What follows are two tables. The first lists the initial costs of bringing a dog or cat into one’s family, while the second lists the annual costs of keeping a dog or cat. For the purchase of a dog or cat, I listed the lowest local adoption price I found. If … Continue reading The Real Cost of Pet Ownership

Interview with An Animal Journal Editor

Like pretty much every trainer and behavior consultant I talk to, I’d definitely say my career path has been a little labyrinthine, and there’s no way I could have seen around the corner and known where I’d end up.—Jesse Miller, editor of IAABC Journal Working on an animal welfare publication is one way that creative people such as Jesse Miller can help better the world for animals. In 2016, Jesse saw a post in the Facebook members’ forum of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants asking for a volunteer managing editor of the group’s new journal. As soon as … Continue reading Interview with An Animal Journal Editor

10 Animal Picture Books On My Shelves

In honor of Lincoln Pet Culture’s new look, we are rerunning our three most visited and our three most overlooked articles over the next two weeks. 10 Animal Picture Books, first published in 2016, was one of our most overlooked articles. Although most of us grow up reading picture books, part of the maturation process seems to involve letting go or getting rid of so-called childish things, including beloved picture books. Yet there’s also a time when one rediscovers them. For some, that time is when they become parents. For me, that time was when I became a teacher. Below … Continue reading 10 Animal Picture Books On My Shelves