Review: Nobody’s Cats & Out of the Cold by Valerie Ingram and Alistair Schroff

If you are creative and care about the welfare of animals, what can you do? Valerie Ingram and Alistair Schroff wrote children’s picture books. Both Nobody’s Cats and Out of the Cold are based on true stories from northwest British Columbia and profits from the sale of the book go towards the care of animals in that region.  Nobody’s Cats tells the tale of a boy who saw a tiny black cat shivering in the snow by an old shed. The cat was just one of many that had been born or abandoned  there. A few of the neighborhood boys … Continue reading Review: Nobody’s Cats & Out of the Cold by Valerie Ingram and Alistair Schroff

Interview with Author Valerie Ingram

As part of volunteering with Husker Cats, I followed online groups that took care community cats. One day a post appeared about a picture book that had been published on the topic. The book was by Valerie Ingram, co-founder of Lakes Animal Friendship Society. Since that time, Valerie has become an inspiration to me in my animal welfare goals and a dear friend. Valerie and I both share a passion for pet education. This spring, she contracted me to write ten articles for Lakes Animal Friendship Society that could be run in local newspapers. My life this upcoming year will … Continue reading Interview with Author Valerie Ingram

Interview with a Local Cat Veterinarian

This week Lincoln Pet Culture is rerunning its three most popular interviews. The second is an interview with a Dr. Shelly Knudsen, a veterinarian at All-Feline Hospital. Coincidentally, veterinarian appreciation week falls in April! ALLISON: What was your veterinary education like? DR. KNUDSEN: I had already had one year of undergrad at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, so I took one more years of very concentrated classes at University of Nebraska -Kearney, and was lucky enough to be accepted into Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine the first year I applied. I moved to Manhattan, Kansas, and took about 21-23 credit … Continue reading Interview with a Local Cat Veterinarian

Nebraska Businesses That Serve Pets

Welcome to our directory of Pet Services for Lincoln! If your favorite service isn’t listed, please let us know and we’ll gladly add. Sources for the below listings included vendors at Pet Expo and Tails & Trails and the online resource Dogster. BAKERIES Beyond the Dish Nellie’s Pet Snacks BOARDERS/SITTERS AK Kennels Brynn’s Critters Deluxe Pet & Home Sitters (certified by Pet Sitters International) Camp Bow Wow Cat Pajamas Critter Sitters Driftwood Kennels Kenl Inn Love Your Paws Middle Creek Kennels Pause for Paws (certified by Pet Sitters International) Prairie Wind Kennels Woof BURIAL/FUNERAL Rolling Acres GROOMERS/SPAS Canine Design Canine Scrubs Critter Clippers Happy Hounds Groomers … Continue reading Nebraska Businesses That Serve Pets

Changing the World Through Humane Education

How do you improve the world for people, animals, and the environment? If you’re Jesse Miller, you start a non-profit that focuses on Humane Education. EPIC Outreach is an organization in Florida with a mission to create a kinder world by educating, networking, providing resources, and doing community outreach. ALLISON: When and how did you become a humane educator? JESSE: I have been involved in animal welfare most of my life. Since I’ve been 16 years old, I volunteered at my local animal shelter. I’ve also educated through various job roles including that of an animal control officer and in Sea … Continue reading Changing the World Through Humane Education

Should Animal Welfare Remain A Woman’s World?

Look through the list of people who form the backbone of animal welfare groups, especially that of rescue, and you’ll likely discover the majority are women. Is there anything wrong with this imbalance? And if so, what’s the solution? Are Women Really the Majority? This past year I noticed that most my articles on animal welfare were about women. I wondered about why this was Seeking answers, I asked local animal welfare group volunteers whether they thought men or women formed the majority in the field. Everyone said women. I broadened my coverage to national groups and asked members of … Continue reading Should Animal Welfare Remain A Woman’s World?