Interview with An Animal Journal Editor

Like pretty much every trainer and behavior consultant I talk to, I’d definitely say my career path has been a little labyrinthine, and there’s no way I could have seen around the corner and known where I’d end up.—Jesse Miller, editor of IAABC Journal Working on an animal welfare publication is one way that creative people such as Jesse Miller can help better the world for animals. In 2016, Jesse saw a post in the Facebook members’ forum of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants asking for a volunteer managing editor of the group’s new journal. As soon as … Continue reading Interview with An Animal Journal Editor

Should Animal Welfare Remain A Woman’s World?

Look through the list of people who form the backbone of animal welfare groups, especially that of rescue, and you’ll likely discover the majority are women. Is there anything wrong with this imbalance? And if so, what’s the solution? Are Women Really the Majority? This past year I noticed that most my articles on animal welfare were about women. I wondered about why this was Seeking answers, I asked local animal welfare group volunteers whether they thought men or women formed the majority in the field. Everyone said women. I broadened my coverage to national groups and asked members of … Continue reading Should Animal Welfare Remain A Woman’s World?

Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog Ministry

Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog Ministry is a national ministry that uses purebred Golden Retrievers to bring comfort. Currently, there are over 130 L.C.C. Comfort Dogs serving in more than 20 states. L.C.C. operates two training facilities in Illinois and Nebraska. According to Don Moeller, the idea for the L.C.C. Comfort Dogs ministry began in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina. L.C.C. emergency response teams noticed that while many agencies helped the people devastated by such natural disasters family pets were often neglected. At that time, Lutheran Church Charities acquired several pure bred Golden Retrievers. Three years later, when a shooting happened … Continue reading Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog Ministry

Saunders County Lost Pets Rescue Offers Pet Therapy

Saunders County Lost Pets is an all-volunteer non-profit that offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to help both animals and the community through pet therapy. SCLP grew from Wilcox’s personal loss. The family had removed part of their fence to lay down some sod in their yard. Two of their Labrador retrievers were in the yard with them and took off. Wilcox looked for them for years, even driving around to other agencies for months and months, but she never found her dogs. “Before that day, I had never given any thought to homeless pets or strays,” Wilcox said. “I … Continue reading Saunders County Lost Pets Rescue Offers Pet Therapy

Poupack and Shiboo

Poupack braced herself against the blowing snow as she made her way towards her apartment building. Her hands and feet had begun to tingle in the biting Nebraska weather. No creature should have been outside in the miserable winter, but shivering next to Poupack’s apartment building was a black cat. Poupack ran upstairs to her apartment for food. She and her husband didn’t own any cats, which meant they didn’t have any cat food on hand. Poupack settled for a piece of sausage. “The cat ate the sausage very fast,” Poupack said, “and I could hear her saying what sounded … Continue reading Poupack and Shiboo

What Are You Doing With Your Seconds?

For the past five years, Stuart Stofferahn and his therapy dog Buckley have visited hospice patients, an experience that has changed his life. Community service has always been part of Stuart’s life. His mom taught in the public-school system for 35 years. Stuart considers her a model of patience and an inspiration. His dad advocated for farmers, and was a school board member, state legislator, and state elected official. Stuart calls his dad a hero. As for Stuart, he’s worked in schools, the church, and the United States military for most of his life. In addition, he’s taught classes through … Continue reading What Are You Doing With Your Seconds?

Animal Rescue, A Way of Life for Three Men

The decision to adopt from and volunteer with animal rescues led to positive life-changing experiences for Jim Draper, Matt McGraw, and Marc Rexroad. Jim has always loved dogs. Six years ago, when he felt ready to add a dog to his home, he took his time to ensure he picked the right dog. He wasn’t sure that he wanted a puppy, and so he spent the next two years contacting animal rescues with the idea of adopting an adult dog. “I was definitely surprised to see the number of dogs in these rescues and reading the stories behind why they … Continue reading Animal Rescue, A Way of Life for Three Men