Thank You Baby

May is a bittersweet month for Rochelle. Thirteen years ago, on May 7, she adopted a shelter dog named Baby. “She was a cute little chiweenie,” Rochelle said, “and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend through the hard times.” By hard times, Rochelle is referring to her years in an abusive relationship. Baby brought laughter and happiness into Rochelle’s otherwise unhappy life. Rochelle giggled as she recalled, “One day Baby jumped into a police car to say hello to the cops. I was embarrassed, but they laughed and gave her love.” Rochelle also has a favorite memory involving … Continue reading Thank You Baby

Poupack and Shiboo

Poupack braced herself against the blowing snow as she made her way towards her apartment building. Her hands and feet had begun to tingle in the biting Nebraska weather. No creature should have been outside in the miserable winter, but shivering next to Poupack’s apartment building was a black cat. Poupack ran upstairs to her apartment for food. She and her husband didn’t own any cats, which meant they didn’t have any cat food on hand. Poupack settled for a piece of sausage. “The cat ate the sausage very fast,” Poupack said, “and I could hear her saying what sounded … Continue reading Poupack and Shiboo

A Christmas Miracle

The tiger tabby screamed for help. She was lost, scared, and desperate. Snow had fallen the day before, and today gray clouds again hung heavy in the air. The cat drooled as she huddled in pain. Fortunately, a kind lady was walking through the parking lot at that moment. Nicole took one look at Harley’s sad eyes and immediately wrapped her into her arms. “Harley was so happy when I put her in my car out of the cold,” Nicole said, “that she cuddled with me the whole ride home.” Despite it being almost Christmas, Nicole began a search for … Continue reading A Christmas Miracle

The Right Companion for Aurora

When the Mackleys decided this past fall to find a companion for Aurora, their then one-year-old cat, they wanted a kitten that was energetic and playful, but also submissive and laid back. What they got instead was completely unexpected. The Mackleys were content with their tabby cat, Aurora. She was sweet and friendly, but, in Natalie’s words, “with an attitude that you wouldn’t believe.” And yet the Mackleys began to wonder if Aurora was content. While many cats wouldn’t mind being left alone for hours at a time while their owners were at work, Natalie and her husband could tell … Continue reading The Right Companion for Aurora

Guest Post: Unsinkable Molly Cat

A photo of an eighteen-year-old cat was shared at a recent Lincoln Animal Ambassadors board meeting. The cat belonged to Chris Neukirch, who had donated money to LAA in honor of her cat’s eighteenth birthday. I sensed a good story and, immediately, I emailed Chris to ask if she’d tell me about Molly. Thanks, Chris, for the following story…. A large litter of 11 kittens was born on February 29, 2000, in a cold barn in Polk County, Wisconsin. The farmer decided to give the kittens a better life and, once they were old enough, gave them to a local vet … Continue reading Guest Post: Unsinkable Molly Cat

Guest Post: To Buddy, The Best Golden Shepherd Ever!

Buddy was my “first” dog, ever. I was 22-years-old and never had a dog; sad, I know. I grew up in a household that only wanted cats (no offense to cats). I knew nothing about dogs, how they act, what that woof meant, etc. My husband and his family had a dog, Thor, for almost 14 years. I knew Thor for about a year and half, until he passed away in 2005. The family decided to not get another dog right away, which is understandable; you can’t “replace” a pet. At the end of 2006 the family, mainly my mother-in-law … Continue reading Guest Post: To Buddy, The Best Golden Shepherd Ever!