Saunders County Lost Pets Rescue Offers Pet Therapy

Saunders County Lost Pets is an all-volunteer non-profit that offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to help both animals and the community through pet therapy. SCLP grew from Wilcox’s personal loss. The family had removed part of their fence to lay down some sod in their yard. Two of their Labrador retrievers were in the yard with them and took off. Wilcox looked for them for years, even driving around to other agencies for months and months, but she never found her dogs. “Before that day, I had never given any thought to homeless pets or strays,” Wilcox said. “I … Continue reading Saunders County Lost Pets Rescue Offers Pet Therapy

Guest Post: Guinea Pigs and Other Pets

Every living creature at some point in their lives like to have their own space, but in a world with billions of creatures it’s sometimes a little difficult to achieve it. When introducing a guinea pig to your home, you need to consider if you have space enough for it and also how your other pets will react. When bringing a guinea pig into your house, I recommend buying a large home for each pet (something in the range of $200,000.00!) with lots of yard space to be free in. In all seriousness, I encourage you that whether you have … Continue reading Guest Post: Guinea Pigs and Other Pets

Kitten 101, According to Nacho, Taco, Queso, and Sopa

THE FIRST DAY The four kittens arrived at their new temporary home. Their pet foster parents took turns welcoming each of them by saying their names and hugging them. Then the pet foster parents quietly slipped out of the room and eased the door shut behind them. The four kittens looked up and down and around their room. They whimpered a little, and then were drawn to a cat bed that had a familiar smell. The kittens realized it was a bed from their previous home and were comforted to have found something familiar in this new place. Nacho wrapped … Continue reading Kitten 101, According to Nacho, Taco, Queso, and Sopa

Guest Post: Cats and Babies

We in rescue are always astonished when people return a cat who has been part of their family “because we’re having a baby”. What? You’re expanding your family by eliminating part of your family? You’re bringing a new little human into the world, where you will be responsible for teaching that child how to be a responsible, loving, caring human being, but you’re starting by discarding a member of the family? Yes, there ARE times in everyone’s life when a change has to happen, and there are times when after much heartache a decision is reached to find a new … Continue reading Guest Post: Cats and Babies

Guest Post: How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat

I’ve been asked to tell how to introduce a dog to a cat. My situation was a little different from most, but it’s what worked for us. Oliver, our new family member was a four-month-old kitten. Mom and dad came home from the rescue where he was adopted. Oliver was secured in a carrier when they stepped through the door and sat it on the floor. I was not happy. I ran across the room and lunged at the carrier. I hit with such force that the carrier slid to the other side of the room. I barked and growled. … Continue reading Guest Post: How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat

Guest Post: Dog Etiquette at a Coffee Shop

Aurora James believes there are no bad dogs. She created to share her dog training tips and advice to dog owners everywhere. welcomes and encourages anyone to use its infographics in their writing. It simply ask that you please cite and link to them as the source.  Coffee is the go-to source of energy, relaxation, and socialization for many people around the globe. What better way to truly revel in the experience than to bring along your pup for an outing? The good news is that more and more coffee shops are opening their doors to furry paws. Unfortunately, … Continue reading Guest Post: Dog Etiquette at a Coffee Shop