When Life Throws a Curve Ball … Start a Podcast!

The circumstances of life can sometimes inspire an unexpected choice. After Stacy LeBaron moved to Vermont, she wanted to continue to be involved with community cat programs, but “living in rural Vermont made it hard to get involved with another … Continue reading When Life Throws a Curve Ball … Start a Podcast!


Hasara Lay is the owner of two adventure cats, the founder of the  Catexplorer website, and the host of the Catexplorer podcost.  Nearly 25 years ago, Hasara started exploring the world with her childhood cat, Tabby, The two were strongly bonded and so Hasara took her with her on family road trips, which occurred every few months. When Tabby died, Hasara grieved for a long time. At the same time, she felt grateful to Tabby who taught her much about life and cats. For example, Tabby introduced her to the concept of adventure cats, long before this was even a … Continue reading Catexplorer

Arden Moore: Pet Writer, Health Expert, and Advocate

Arden Moore grew up loving animals and words. These passions led to her becoming a national pet health expert. By her first year in high school, Moore knew that her future was in words, and set about gaining experience. She worked on the high school newspaper staff and credited the editor as teaching her a lot about writing and interviewing. She also landed a position with the town’s weekly newspaper. She’d always been athletic and so she walked into the office of the local weekly newspaper and convinced the editor to hire her as a high school sportswriter. “It was … Continue reading Arden Moore: Pet Writer, Health Expert, and Advocate

Pet Podcast Roundup

Would you like to know more about animal welfare, but have no time to read a book? Podcasts are the answer! You can listen to them while driving, exercising, or doing chores. Over the past year, I listened to a few episodes of six animal welfare podcasts. The first four are dedicated to cats and the final two are about animals or pets in general. Read on for my reactions! Cat Lady / available on iTunes / 22 episodes, 2014-2015 / 40-60 minutes http://catladypodcast.com/ Website Blurb: “Hosted by Official Cat Ladies Liz and Rah, the Cat Lady Podcast features interviews … Continue reading Pet Podcast Roundup