Low-Cost Fun for Dogs

Enrichment for dogs makes their living space more interesting and enhances their quality of life. It’s beneficial because it stimulates their mind and even their body. In doing so, it also wards off boredom that can lead to bad behavior. Enrichment can be one of the most fun parts of being a pet owner. Many pet owners enjoy dreaming up new ways to engage their pets and seeing the reactions of their pets. What follows are examples from pet owners whom I interviewed online about low-cost pet enrichment they have provided their dogs. DISCLAIMER: All information is this article came … Continue reading Low-Cost Fun for Dogs

Interview with An Animal Journal Editor

Like pretty much every trainer and behavior consultant I talk to, I’d definitely say my career path has been a little labyrinthine, and there’s no way I could have seen around the corner and known where I’d end up.—Jesse Miller, editor of IAABC Journal Working on an animal welfare publication is one way that creative people such as Jesse Miller can help better the world for animals. In 2016, Jesse saw a post in the Facebook members’ forum of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants asking for a volunteer managing editor of the group’s new journal. As soon as … Continue reading Interview with An Animal Journal Editor


Hasara Lay is the owner of two adventure cats, the founder of the  Catexplorer website, and the host of the Catexplorer podcost.  Nearly 25 years ago, Hasara started exploring the world with her childhood cat, Tabby, The two were strongly bonded and so Hasara took her with her on family road trips, which occurred every few months. When Tabby died, Hasara grieved for a long time. At the same time, she felt grateful to Tabby who taught her much about life and cats. For example, Tabby introduced her to the concept of adventure cats, long before this was even a … Continue reading Catexplorer

Arden Moore: Pet Writer, Health Expert, and Advocate

Arden Moore grew up loving animals and words. These passions led to her becoming a national pet health expert. By her first year in high school, Moore knew that her future was in words, and set about gaining experience. She worked on the high school newspaper staff and credited the editor as teaching her a lot about writing and interviewing. She also landed a position with the town’s weekly newspaper. She’d always been athletic and so she walked into the office of the local weekly newspaper and convinced the editor to hire her as a high school sportswriter. “It was … Continue reading Arden Moore: Pet Writer, Health Expert, and Advocate