2020 Online Behavior Day

On February 8, I participated in the first online cat behavior conference hosted by the Community Cats Podcast. The conference featured two certified cat behavior consultants, Tabitha Kucera and Rachel Geller. These ladies spoke on several topics, three of which I’ll highlight here. A registered veterinary technician and a certified cat behavior training consultant, Tabitha Kucera is also certified in feline-friendly handling by both Fear Free and the Low Stress Handling University. I have interviewed her three times: Chip the Agility Cat, Kitten Kindergarten, Why Clicker Train Cats?. In her presentations for CCP Behavior Day, she talked about the importance … Continue reading 2020 Online Behavior Day

2020 Online Community Cats Conference

On the weekend of January 24-26, I participated in an online conference hosted by the Community Cats Podcast on the topic of community cats (unowned cats that live outdoors). Now in its second year, the conference featured thirteen speakers from animal welfare organizations across North America. Following are highlights from the one presentation I disliked, and from a few of those I enjoyed. “So much has evolved in animal welfare in just the past decade. Now that we know better, we can do better,” said Dr. Sara Pizano, in her presentation titled “How We Live with and Love Cats.” Pizano … Continue reading 2020 Online Community Cats Conference

Guest Post: Cleaning Tips For Homes With Pets

Contributed by BusyBee Cleaning Service Over 40 million homes count pets among their occupants, which means there are many people cleaning up after their animals. Pet accidents, vomit, and everyday occurrences like hairballs and shed fur make things challenging for pet owners. If you can relate to this, follow these tips when cleaning your home and things will be much simpler and more harmonious. Potty training is one of the best things pet owners can do to make their lives easier. It should take place within the first 90 days and if successful, should prevent indoor accidents. If small pets … Continue reading Guest Post: Cleaning Tips For Homes With Pets

Canadian Cat Advocate: Irene Plett

Self-dubbed as “a servant of cats and words,” Irene Plett is an author and cat advocate from Canada. Irene has a website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Youtube channel dedicated to cats. Through these various forms of social media, you’ll … Continue reading Canadian Cat Advocate: Irene Plett

Interview with Author Valerie Ingram

As part of volunteering with Husker Cats, I followed online groups that took care community cats. One day a post appeared about a picture book that had been published on the topic. The book was by Valerie Ingram, co-founder of Lakes Animal Friendship Society. Since that time, Valerie has become an inspiration to me in my animal welfare goals and a dear friend. Valerie and I both share a passion for pet education. This spring, she contracted me to write ten articles for Lakes Animal Friendship Society that could be run in local newspapers. My life this upcoming year will … Continue reading Interview with Author Valerie Ingram

Low-Cost Fun for Dogs

Enrichment for dogs makes their living space more interesting and enhances their quality of life. It’s beneficial because it stimulates their mind and even their body. In doing so, it also wards off boredom that can lead to bad behavior. Enrichment can be one of the most fun parts of being a pet owner. Many pet owners enjoy dreaming up new ways to engage their pets and seeing the reactions of their pets. What follows are examples from pet owners whom I interviewed online about low-cost pet enrichment they have provided their dogs. DISCLAIMER: All information is this article came … Continue reading Low-Cost Fun for Dogs