Canadian Cat Advocate: Irene Plett

Self-dubbed as “a servant of cats and words,” Irene Plett is an author and cat advocate from Canada. Irene has a website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Youtube channel dedicated to cats. Through these various forms of social media, you’ll … Continue reading Canadian Cat Advocate: Irene Plett

Guest Post: Moving with a Cat

Our cat didn’t want to move with us, so we are going to let him stay. Basil was a well-loved cat that grew up with kids and was completely unfazed by any chaos around him. Ten years old, his family had recently purchased a larger house in a nearby town. They planned to take him with them, but on moving day this confident kitty lost his nerve after seeing the contents of his home carried away by noisy strangers. Basil bolted under the house and wouldn’t come out. His owner knocked on the neighbor’s door before driving away and explained, … Continue reading Guest Post: Moving with a Cat