Interview with Pet Counselor, Betty Carmack

Anyone who is a pet owner will at some point experience grief. Earlier this week, I posted a review of Grieving the Death of a Pet and a guest post by the author. Betty Carmack also graciously took time for an interview about pet loss.
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Interview with Pam Hoffman

The past two days I have been posting about the Sadie Dog Fund. In 2007, Pam Hoffman wrote a book about her special needs cocker spaniel. With the proceeds from her Sadie Dog picture book, Hoffman created The Sadie Dog Fund, a non-profit organization that helps to save the lives of dogs by offering financial assistance for mobility solutions, therapies, or surgeries that are too costly for pet parents. Today it’s my pleasure to present an interview with her, in which she shares a little more about her personal life as well as talks about animal welfare. PERSONAL BACKGROUND ALLISON: … Continue reading Interview with Pam Hoffman

Review: Sadie Dog by Pam Hoffman

“Give them love. Keep them safe” is how Pam Hoffman signs every copy of Sadie Dog, a glossy picture book she wrote about her special needs dog. This heartwarming biography, with lavish illustrations, was written in honor of Hoffman’s loving cocker spaniel. “Once there was a cute little cocker spaniel named Sadie who was born on April Fools’ Day….” So begins the story of a lady and her beloved dog. As a teacher of writing clubs, I can tell you that describing one’s pet and more especially special moments with them can be a tough task. Hoffman perfectly helps readers … Continue reading Review: Sadie Dog by Pam Hoffman

Thank You Baby

May is a bittersweet month for Rochelle. Thirteen years ago, on May 7, she adopted a shelter dog named Baby. “She was a cute little chiweenie,” Rochelle said, “and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend through the hard times.” By hard times, Rochelle is referring to her years in an abusive relationship. Baby brought laughter and happiness into Rochelle’s otherwise unhappy life. Rochelle giggled as she recalled, “One day Baby jumped into a police car to say hello to the cops. I was embarrassed, but they laughed and gave her love.” Rochelle also has a favorite memory involving … Continue reading Thank You Baby

Guest Post: A 21-Year-Old Cat is Found!

She was 21-years-old and lost! Sage became part of the family when Megan was just three. They literally grew up together. She was there to see Megan walk out the door for the first day of kindergarten, when Megan came home from her first date and when Megan headed out into the adult world. Then the unthinkable happened. Seven months ago, Sage was lost during a move. Nearly 21-years-old, she had the thin appearance of a very old cat in declining health. Megan looked for her, but she had literally vanished. Losing a loved one is hard, and the hardest … Continue reading Guest Post: A 21-Year-Old Cat is Found!

Guest Post: A Lost Blind Cat is Found!

She’s blind and she’s lost outside. Is there hope? Buggie is a beautiful little ticked tabby cat who slowly lost her vision, and a year ago had to have both eyes removed for a chronic eye condition. She lives with her mom and dad, the dogs, and a bottle baby she helped raise in a very small home. Like most blind cats, she has adapted well to her environment and knows her surroundings but, obviously, she does not go outside. So it was with a sense of horror that Bruce and Karen realized she somehow slipped outside without them knowing it! … Continue reading Guest Post: A Lost Blind Cat is Found!

Guest Post: Why Your Lost Cat Might not be at the Shelter

Stacy lost her cat last summer. An indoor-outdoor boy, he simply vanished. He wasn’t at the local shelter, and there wasn’t any evidence that he’d been hit by a car or taken by a predator. She had no idea what to do or how to find him. Less than 2% of cats entering U.S. shelters are reunited with their owners. Yet for many people, shelter searches become the main focus of their search. They devote so much time to checking shelters, that they leave little time for search methods that are more likely to bring their cat home. The advice … Continue reading Guest Post: Why Your Lost Cat Might not be at the Shelter

Guest Post: When A Cat Is Found But No Owners Are

Two months ago, Carissa noticed an emaciated cat sneaking food and water from her back porch. She could tell by the lack of reaction from her cats and dog that this waif had been here before. If she had been eating here a while, how thin HAD she been? Sometimes it is hard to see evidence of starvation in a fluffy cat, but this visitor was missing much of her hair on her hind quarters making every backbone show. Carissa’s friend Del, posted her on a lost cat Facebook site and several cat lovers jumped in to help. One of … Continue reading Guest Post: When A Cat Is Found But No Owners Are

September 10: National Pet Memorial Day

Throughout history, pets have been loyal companions. In recent times, pets have also come to be viewed as friends, family members, and even “kids”. National Pet Memorial Day offers an opportunity for pet owners to honor beloved pets who are gone but never forgotten. Celebrated on the second Sunday in September, this special event was established by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories (IAOPCC). National Pet Memorial Day is now celebrated by hundreds of people across the United States. According to National Day Calendar, one idea that is becoming a popular tradition is to plant a tree or … Continue reading September 10: National Pet Memorial Day

Stumbling Through Pet Loss

Grief. Anyone who has lost a loved one, whether animal or human, is familiar with the emotion. And yet grief is not predictable. In my life I have lost five dogs, three guinea pigs, and one cat. Sometimes my grief led to guilt, other times to intense loneliness, and sometimes it even led to inspiration. My earliest experience with pet loss came in primary school. My dad and I lived in a basement apartment with Puff, our aging Samoyed. Puff struggled often with urinary issues. And stairs. As such, life was not good for Puff. The heartbreaking decision was made … Continue reading Stumbling Through Pet Loss

Pet Support Groups

Ever since getting my first pet in Nebraska, back in 2001, I have belonged to online pet support groups. Initially, they served a source of information for pet care. They also encouraged me to try new products and activities. Over time, they’re also become a lifeline when dealing with illness and grief. In this article, I’ll share my experiences with groups for guinea pigs, cats, and dogs. GUINEA PIG SUPPORT GROUPS The first pet I got after moving to Lincoln was a guinea pig. Having been previously a dog owner only, I knew nothing about how to care for guinea … Continue reading Pet Support Groups