Can Cats Rival Dogs in Social Intelligence?

Can cats rival dogs in social intelligence? Recent research suggests that they can. In this article, I’ll briefly summarize the work of Kristyn Vitale, a postdoc at Oregon State University who studies cat socialization. I’ll also share four experiments that Vitale says pet owners can try at home with their cats. I tried them with my cats, and I’ll share their results in this article as well In November 2018 I interviewed Vitale, who grew up wanting to work with cats. Not seeing many opportunities in the field, she initially pursued zoology as a career, then switched to feline research … Continue reading Can Cats Rival Dogs in Social Intelligence?

2020 Online Behavior Day

On February 8, I participated in the first online cat behavior conference hosted by the Community Cats Podcast. The conference featured two certified cat behavior consultants, Tabitha Kucera and Rachel Geller. These ladies spoke on several topics, three of which I’ll highlight here. A registered veterinary technician and a certified cat behavior training consultant, Tabitha Kucera is also certified in feline-friendly handling by both Fear Free and the Low Stress Handling University. I have interviewed her three times: Chip the Agility Cat, Kitten Kindergarten, Why Clicker Train Cats?. In her presentations for CCP Behavior Day, she talked about the importance … Continue reading 2020 Online Behavior Day

My First Paying Clients And Other Milestones

I ended 2020 by writing that the milestones for my cat consulting business were continuing to accumulate. Before that list becomes too lengthy, I want to share milestones from the past few months, the biggest being my first paying clients. Read on to hear all my exciting news! Develop New Working Relationships Back in my days as a book review blogger, I felt honored when authors, publicists, and/or publishers contacted me about a review. It showed that my name and my work were getting recognized. By the same token, I felt honored when Elizabeth Burr of Preferred Pet Partners emailed … Continue reading My First Paying Clients And Other Milestones

Interview with Feline Behavior Specialist, Dr. Sarah Ellis

While studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in Companion Animal Behavior Counselling, Sarah Ellis, discovered that she loved learning about cats. At the same time, she realized that there were so many questions about this “wonderful species” and that she … Continue reading Interview with Feline Behavior Specialist, Dr. Sarah Ellis