Review: Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go To Sleep by Bruce Arant

Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go to Sleep by Bruce Arant is a fun and colorful picture book. Drawing on his personal experience as a parent and a sense of humor, Arant has created an imaginative fun twist on a familiar bedtime struggle of putting young ones to sleep. His pastel illustrations also help bring Simpson’s farm to life. “I need a drink.” “I want a snack.” “I have to go!” Every last one of these laments are excuses we’ve all heard one time or another. They’re also all complaints that Farmer Simpson is plagued with on a nightly basis. The difference … Continue reading Review: Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go To Sleep by Bruce Arant

Review: Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson

“This here hill is full of animals,” says Tim to Louie, two of the human characters in Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson. This statement is true of the hill, which boasts rabbits, squirrels, mice, woodchucks, skunks, moles, and deer. The statement is also true of the book, which is about a rabbit family and their critter friends. If you like animals, especially those found in the country, you will treasure this tale. The book begins, as all good stories should, with the excitement of change: “On every side there arose a continual chattering and squeaking, whispering and whistling, as the … Continue reading Review: Rabbit Hill by Robert Lawson

Review: Early Bird by Nigel Grey

A friend of mine brought me back the perfect gift after her trip to Australia: a book! Early Bird written by Nigel Gray and illustrated by Elise Hurst is an adorable story of a young girl named Melody who wishes to know: “Why do the birds sing their dawn chorus? And why do they stop when the sun rises?” Bold watercolor  illustrations alternate with simple black-and-white sketches to perfectly complement this four-chapter whimsical tale. I like Melody! When she wakes, she lies in bed and listens to the sounds of the coming morning. An hour before sunrise, the main sound … Continue reading Review: Early Bird by Nigel Grey

Cat Communication: An Interview with Paula Garber

Since the fall, I have taken on five cases involving cat aggression. For that reason, I subscribed to The Pet Professional Guild’s 2019 Summit on Aggression and Bite Prevention. “How to Speak Cat: Exploring Feline Communication and Social Behavior” was one of the presentations. Following is my interview with its presenter, Paula Garber. ALLISON: What got you interested in cat behavior? PAULA: In 2006, I started volunteering for my town’s Trap-Neuter-Return program for community cats and caring for several feral cat colonies. This work inevitably involved rescuing and fostering cats who were friendly, injured, or in intractable situations. In 2010, … Continue reading Cat Communication: An Interview with Paula Garber

2020 Online Behavior Day

On February 8, I participated in the first online cat behavior conference hosted by the Community Cats Podcast. The conference featured two certified cat behavior consultants, Tabitha Kucera and Rachel Geller. These ladies spoke on several topics, three of which I’ll highlight here. A registered veterinary technician and a certified cat behavior training consultant, Tabitha Kucera is also certified in feline-friendly handling by both Fear Free and the Low Stress Handling University. I have interviewed her three times: Chip the Agility Cat, Kitten Kindergarten, Why Clicker Train Cats?. In her presentations for CCP Behavior Day, she talked about the importance … Continue reading 2020 Online Behavior Day

Review: Two in The Cricket Series by George Seldon

One night I was coming home on the subway, and I did hear a cricket chirp in Times Square. The story formed in my mind within minutes. —George Seldon, Wikipedia Tucker Mouse. Harry Cat. Chester Cricket. These three creatures are George Selden’s most famous characters. I have loved all four books about them since my childhood. When my cat Lucy took sick back in December of 2013, I pulled the set from my shelves to read aloud during her convalescence. Although she never recovered, our family’s three current pets have been treated to hearing one chapter per day. The unique plot … Continue reading Review: Two in The Cricket Series by George Seldon

7th Annual Spay-ghetti and No Balls Dinner Will Feature Austin Pets Alive Speaker

Lincoln Animal Ambassador’s annual Spay-ghetti and No Balls fundraiser is back for its seventh year. Set aside the evening of Saturday, March 21st, for dinner, entertainment, and a dessert auction. You won’t want to miss this event! The fundraiser will … Continue reading 7th Annual Spay-ghetti and No Balls Dinner Will Feature Austin Pets Alive Speaker

2020 Online Community Cats Conference

On the weekend of January 24-26, I participated in an online conference hosted by the Community Cats Podcast on the topic of community cats (unowned cats that live outdoors). Now in its second year, the conference featured thirteen speakers from animal welfare organizations across North America. Following are highlights from the one presentation I disliked, and from a few of those I enjoyed. “So much has evolved in animal welfare in just the past decade. Now that we know better, we can do better,” said Dr. Sara Pizano, in her presentation titled “How We Live with and Love Cats.” Pizano … Continue reading 2020 Online Community Cats Conference