Writing and Animals and A Farewell

When my love of writing and my love of animals inspired me to start a pet education blog in 2014, I had no idea of how that choice would change my life. Blogging for Lincoln Animal Ambassadors made me aware of the importance of addressing the root causes of animal homelessness, which among other things includes unwanted animal behavior. My desire to decrease the number of cats being relinquished inspired me to start a cat behavior consulting business in 2019. The growth of Allison Helps Cats has resulted in many opportunities and to my decision to no longer create new content for Lincoln Pet Culture.

I’ve always loved to write, and blogging has been a natural extension of that love. When I started Lincoln Pet Culture, I wrote articles almost exclusively for it, which afforded me the time to write well-researched articles almost daily. While I thoroughly loved that commitment, in the years that have transpired the number of publications I write for has increased: I now write columns for three local publications and for two to four national publications, which, on top of running a blog and running a business, is a lot to juggle.

My love of animals is just as strong as my love of writing. Originally, this love was concentrated on dogs, and I’ve only been without a dog twice in my life. The first time was when I moved away from home in my thirties for work and left my dog with my family. The second time was this past fall when we lost our senior dog Barnaby to cancer. Despite being a dog lover, my first pets after I moved to the United States from Canada were guinea pigs, as I felt those would more easily fit my new life. My long-term plan was to eventually adopt a dog, but then a stray cat whom I named Lucy showed up on my doorstep. Although for a while I continued to foster/adopt other animals, and therefore continued to write about a variety of pets, as my love of cats grew, my writing has focused more on cats. Our family has three adult cats, we regularly foster kittens for our local no-kill cat shelter, and I’ve now been running a cat behavior consulting and training business for three years. With this change in focus, it made more sense to write exclusively about cats.

At the time that I started Allison Helps Cats, I never thought it would lead to my deciding to end my Lincoln Pet Culture blog. Writing is just as much a part of my life as animals, choosing to stop writing for my blog feels like it feels as if I’m cutting off my hand. The decision was so hard to make that I even called my dad to discuss it. The reality though is that I haven’t written about dogs or guinea pigs in months, nor have I interviewed anyone outside the cat world in months. In other words, without really realizing it until this fall, I’ve already been letting go of Lincoln Pet Culture.

A major reason for moving forward is that my cat business is doing well. I meet with several clients a week, write weekly cat articles for various publications, and have a few cat class opportunities ahead. My client cases have gotten more challenging, to the point that I meet with some clients twice a week. The demand for cat content is increasing, which means it’s a great time to me to be a freelance writer. As for teaching opportunities, I’m excited to share that this fall I began co-teaching a 4-H cat club, and that next summer I’ll teach a Bright Lights cat camp. That’s not all my news! I’ve been asked to give a presentation on cat therapy at our local university and I’ve also been asked to serve on the Pet Professional Guild’s Feline Committee.

When I started Lincoln Pet Culture, I didn’t know where it would lead me; likewise, I don’t know where my cat behavior consulting and training business will lead me. I just know that my life will always involve writing and animals.

I can’t end my last Lincoln Pet Culture article without expressing my gratitude to my readers to my readers. Thank you! I have enjoyed your comments and questions. I hope you’ll follow me now at my Allison Helps Cats website, where, starting in January 2022, you’ll see regular cat behavior articles. Happy reading!

6 thoughts on “Writing and Animals and A Farewell

  1. Allison — You are on a wonderful path! I’m happy for you although sad that Lincoln Pet Culture will no longer be. You’re on a great journey, and it seems it’s been revealed what road you should take. I wish you well and I know you will continue to be a great help for pet owners of all creatures, especially cats.

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    1. Gayle, thanks for the well wishes! The archives for Lincoln Pet Culture will remain available but no new content will be added. Any new articles will instead get posted to Allison Helps Cats. Yes, I very much hope that I will be of help to cat owners. All the best too you too!

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  2. We will miss you – you have helped a lot of kitties and their owners ! We will try to keep up with some of your articles. Good luck as you go forward ! Purrs !


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