Lola The Rescued Cat

Lincoln Pet Culture is honored to continue expand Rainy’s interview series to include Lola the Rescued Cat, who like Rainy is an ambassador for cats. Lola was pulled by a cat sitter from a shelter when she was very sick. According to Lola, “in the car on the way to my safe haven, I was thinking about all the other cats who were in the shelter with me who didn’t make it out. That’s when I decided to be an advo-cat for helpless cats to use my voice to prevent them from going through what I did and from being stuck in a shelter.” Rainy was honored to talk with Lola in an email interview.

Lola at the shelter; Photo provided by Dawn White

RAINY: Tell me the story of how your mom got you.

LOLA: Oh, I love telling this story! One night Mommy was scrolling through Facebook trying to find someone to help her trap a stray cat that was hanging around her building. One page led to another, and she came across a page for a cat sitting business, On All Fours, here in Queens. Since she needed a cat sitter, she decided to check out the information. She scrolled down the page, and there I was. The woman who owns the business is my fairy godmother who pulled me from the shelter. She posted my shelter photo and some information about me on her page, hoping to find me a forever home.

Mommy was immediately drawn to my photo and story, she and wondered how anyone could be so cruel as to throw me in a dumpster. She made an appointment to meet me in person, and just about immediately decided to adopt me. Let me tell you, I was a hot mess! I was skinny, had a raw snotty nose, goopy eyes, and I couldn’t even meow. Mommy says she saw the sweet soul underneath all of that and knew that she, Lexy, and I were destined to be a family.

RAINY: What was it like on the streets?

LOLA: Street life is tough. Not all humans are very nice to community cats, but I think that’s mainly because they don’t understand us. It’s hard not knowing who you can trust, and you always have to keep your guard up.

Oh, and winters can be very cold! You try to find a friend to cuddle up with to stay warm, but even cats don’t always trust each other unless you’re a part of their colony. There are some nice humans who do care and make sure community cats are fed but some days I was still hungry. (I was also thirsty a lot of the time because clean water on the street is very hard to come by.)

Lola at her new home; Photo provided by Dawn White

RAINY: What do you remember most about being rescued?

LOLA: I remember being confused at first. I was happy that I didn’t have to be outside in the cold (I was rescued in December), and that I always had a bowl of food and nice, fresh water

But I was in a cage, which was something I didn’t even know existed. There were some volunteers in the shelter who were so kind and loving to me. They would take me out of my cage and let me sit on my lap. One of them even sang to me! They did whatever they could to make me feel better, which was something I had never experienced before.

When I was pulled from the shelter I remember feeling relieved. I was in another new place I had never seen before (a hospital), but I was treated like a little princess. I had great care, medicine, the best food, and all the attention I could want. Most of all, I felt safe for the first time in my life.

RAINY: How you feel about having your story in a published book?

LOLA: Having my story in print is so exciting! When we started our Facebook page, it was really just to keep people who were following my rescue story up to date on my recovery. But it just started to grow and grow! After a while I had a chat with Lexy, who agreed it would be a good idea to officially publish my diary to help other cats. (Lexy was also on the streets and is a proud advo-cat as well!)

Can you imagine how excited I was when someone told me that not only did my story inspire her to adopt a cat from a shelter, but she named her cat Lola? I was over the moon!

Lola’s adopter; Photo provided by Dawn White

RAINY: How does your mom spend time with you?

LOLA: I spend most of my time with Mommy sitting on her lap. I’m very affectionate, and demand kisses all the time. I’m always trying to be right in Mommy’s face, licking her or rubbing my face against hers

I love playing with my wand toys. Mommy will also toss a crinkle ball (one of my favorite toys) so I can chase it.

I sleep right next to her every night and when she wakes up in the morning I’m right on top of her. During the colder months, I make sure I sleep right on top of her to keep her warm.

RAINY: What ways do you cause your mom trouble at home?

LOLA: Now, this is fun! And it’s changed up a bit since Mom has been working from home during the pandemic. The most fun way to cause trouble is to join her Zoom meetings. I love blocking the camera, walking on the keyboard, meowing my head off, knocking over her coffee, and the best part is when I stick my butt in the camera! MOL That really embarrasses her.

I’m a sneezy cat, so I’ve been known to sneeze in her coffee, on the clean sheets, and also the walls. (Mommy doesn’t really care – she just pours herself a new cup of coffee and changes the sheets again.)

One thing I do that she really doesn’t like is when I lick and try to eat things. I have a fetish for packaging tape, and she needs to be sure none is around. I also lick things from the floor, like lint or something that may have fallen onto the kitchen floor. That gets me in trouble.

RAINY: What ways do you make your mom happy?

LOLA: Mommy says I make her happy by just being on this earth. Sappy, I know. Mommy has always said that I make her heart sing with happiness, and that I always know just when she needs me. She loves that I’m a little love bug.

Lola and Lexy; Photo provided by Dawn White

RAINY: Why do you like having a sister?

LOLA: I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I didn’t like it at first! When I moved in Lexy and I didn’t get along at all, and Mommy wondered if we ever would. But now I like having a sister because I always have company and I’m never alone. If I ever get bored I can sneak up on her and make her chase me (works every time!) It feels good to know I have a sister who loves me and who will always have my back. And. when it comes to our blog, we make a great team!

Lola; Photo provided by Dawn White

RAINY: What advice do you have for parents of cats?

LOLA: You have to meet and accept your cat where they are at in life. You can’t force them to do something they don’t want to do or change their personality to fit yours. Just like a human! Cats (and all pets) need to be respected and well-taken care of.

Please make sure your cat always has regular vet checkups, plenty of fresh water out every day, toys for stimulation and enrichment, and regular nutritious food. (We get hungry when we miss a meal!) And, please, never leave us alone for extended periods of time. If you’re going away, hire a cat sitter or ask a friend or family member to check in on us. Oh, I almost forgot, and we don’t like a dirty litter box.

RAINY: Give one tip to aspiring advocates.

LOLA: Remember, it takes a village to save a cat, and one person can’t do everything. If you’re not able to foster a cat or do TNR, there are lots of other things you can do. You can volunteer at a shelter, participate in rescue transports, write informational articles to educate people, or share pets that need homes on social media. The list is really endless! Every little thing someone does helps a cat. If you’re not sure where to get started, look up your local shelters on social media or check out their website. Many will have information on how you can help!

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