Guest Post: Top Tips for New Covidpreneurs Also Becoming Dog Parents by Aurora James

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Striking a work-life balance is a challenge for many professionals. If you are an aspiring covidpreneur who is also getting ready to take the leap into doggy parenthood, you may be feeling the pressure of juggling so many new responsibilities. The following strategies will help to ensure that you not only are successful with your new business but that your new canine friend is happy and healthy.

Establish Your At-Home Routine

Much of your mental energy can be conserved by sticking to a solid routine, even if you work from home. By choosing a regular hour to walk your new pup every day, you can create peace of mind for yourself and your dog alike. The AKC explains that such consistency is especially grounding for an animal trying to adjust to a new environment, and it’ll help you to know when you can plan on work-related tasks or meetings.

Planning for Brick and Mortar Work

If you don’t work from home, some people find that taking a lunch break at home is a good solution to this scheduling challenge. Try to visit your puppy every day while you get a bite to eat.

If getting home during your break is impossible, you can hire a dog walker to tend your buddy at regular intervals. You can also check on your precious pup with a home monitoring system.

Exercise and Bonding

Your days off are loaded with opportunities to bond with your new furry family member. For one thing, it’s important to train and exercise your dog. PDSA notes the amount of exercise your dog requires depends on the age and breed; as a rule of thumb, plan a half an hour for small breeds and over two hours a day for working dog breeds. Regardless, any animal needs lots of attention to become the kind of loyal companion you seek. 

You might like to pick up some outdoor dog toys, head to a dog park, or attend an obedience class. There are also fun sports that you and your dog can enjoy together, such as obstacle courses, hiking, and flyball. The Ringer explains taking up something like flyball can be a fun challenge, and you can think of it as a chance to learn something new together while building your connection. 

Taking Care of Business Basics

Getting a new business off the ground takes a lot of time and energy. Just to register your business requires coming up with a sharp name, deciding on a structure and then wading through the legalese and red tape your state requires. Your business name should be clever enough to be unique, but clear enough that people who don’t know what you do can figure it out. 

Structure-wise, many covidpreneurs like the perks associated with an LLC. An LLC, or limited liability company, offers personal asset protection, plus there are tax advantages, and if your business takes off, it can grow with you. While that might sound like a no-brainer, you still need to tackle the registration. One way around that troublesome registration is to go through an online formation service, which makes it quick, affordable, and easy to ensure your online Nebraska LLC is legally registered. 

Find More Help

Still feeling overwhelmed? You’re in luck, because when it comes to useful help, that’s only the tip of the iceberg! There are plenty of websites, wikis, and apps for your new business, from how to take inventory to bookkeeping solutions, so do some looking for the tools that will help meet your needs. Plus, when time or skills fall short, you can do some outsourcing to ensure tasks are handled quickly and properly. 

Similarly, there are resources available to help you and your new canine companion. Whether you’re looking for a dog-friendly restaurant or trying to understand separation anxiety, there are help and answers via the internet. Plus, you can hire pros to come to you for everything from grooming to training.

Your covidpreneurial ambitions don’t have to fall behind just because you have a furry new member of the family, and your enjoyment of your pet doesn’t need to be placed on the back burner for the sake of your work. Give yourself a break, and get whatever help you need. You’ll have both a successful business and a happy dog!

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