Announcement: Interactive Class on Cat Manners

Want to train your cat to be polite? After weeks of beta-testing, Allison Helps Cats is launching a series of interactive classes in cat training. The first is on how to train cats in good manners.

Ever have a cat steal your food, jump on you, or door dash? Improve your cat’s behavior by teaching it to watch you, sit, stay, and even come.

Some cat owners rely on scolding and water bottles. This is understandable, as these methods are quicker to use. However, while these might work in the short-term, they’ll eventually fail. Cats will learn to run from their owners, or to misbehave while their owner is out of the room. Studies show that punishment does not work.

The best method is to teach cats the behavior you want. These methods might take more time, but they help you communicate better with your cats, and so are more likely to succeed. Teach cats with redirects but also with lessons in manners. Then add in treats or toys as reinforcement. In the end, you’ll have a cat who responds to your cues.

Are you looking for support every step of the way for your cat through group sessions? Allison Helps Cats has the solution for you.

Check out interactive classes from Allison Helps Cats! Receive small group in-depth support through tutorials, discussions, and activities. There will be four one-hour sessions and a guest expert.

Cost is $100 per individual; group rates available. Save your spot today at:

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