Photo provided by Jax

Jax the Amazing Acro-Cat

Photo provided by Jax
Photo provided by Jax

Today Lincoln Pet Culture is honored to feature an interview with Jax, who is the most popular of the Amazing Acro-cats. The group promotes animal welfare, educates audiences on cat training, and offers foster cats and kittens for adoption. Each of their shows typically closes with a performance by the Rock-Cats, which according to Wikipedia, is billed as the “only cat band in existence”. Rainy’s interview with Jax will also appear later this winter on Instagram.

Jax’s manager, Angela Callicut , informed me that Jax is kinda brief with answers and uses lots of acronyms. Here’s a “key” to some of her favorite acronyms:

  • OMC (oh my cat!)
  • MOL (meow out loud)
  • NBD (no big deal)
  • FTW (for the win)

RAINY: Why did your mom start teaching you tricks?

JAX: Dats just wut she does! Her whole ting iz to show people how clicker training can enrich r lives and stuff.

Photo provided by Jax
Photo provided by Jax

RAINY: How did your mom get you started on tricks?

JAX: She trains all her kittehs. She starts wif da basics: hi 5, sit pretty, hoop jumps. Den sees wut mew like doin da best.

RAINY: What is it like being on the road?

JAX: Omc itz pawsome! I luv my fans! Dey bring me treats & toys and give me tons of attention! Itz da best!

RAINY: What is it like doing tricks in public?

JAX: Nbd. Sumtimes i don’t even do my tricks. Sumtimes i just run in2 da audience instead. Da fans luuuv it!

RAINY: Why do you like doing tricks?

JAX: Fur da treats, of course!

RAINY: Tell me the story of how your mom got you.

JAX: She saw me at da shelter beating up my 2 bigger brofurs. Mol! She knew i wuz her kinda cat—fierce!

RAINY: Tell me more about your family members.

JAX: Omc. So, we haz like 15 active acrocats and 7 retirees. Tons of family. Mostly we get along… Mostly!

RAINY: What ways do you cause your mom trouble at home?

JAX: I beat up nola & buggles every chance i get. Dey r da worst!!! Sumtimes i sneak out of da house too!

Photo provided by Jax
Photo provided by Jax

RAINY: What ways do you make your mom happy?

JAX: I give her kisses—only her—but don’t tell any1! It’ll ruin my rep! I also help socialize da foster kittehs.

RAINY: What’s your favorite trick?

JAX: I luuuv sitting on my giant skull. I will perch on it & catch treats wif my paws, even at home.

RAINY: Which trick was the hardest to learn?

JAX: None of dem! I am good at da barrel & da yoga ball & i can push or ride on da car. I even play da trumpet sumtimes!

RAINY: What advice do you have for cats who aspire to do tricks?

JAX: Do it! Mew get tons of xtra attention and treats! Plus, mew won’t get bored, act out, and get in trouble anymore—training ftw! Mol!

To watch a documentary about the Acro-Cats, order here.

To watch a live video of the Acro-Cats show, order here. Minimum cost is $15.

To support the Acro-Cats, participate in its Go Fund Me.

To sponsor an Acro-Cat, click here. Jax’s page is here. Sponsors receive a signed thank you card signed by your sponsored cat, three special occasion cards, and a sway bag.

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