Therapy Cat Series: Calendars, Slings, and Kindergarten!

With the new year upon us, I’d like to mention a couple of Christmas purchases that I neglected to share in my last Rainy update: the 2020 Cats of the World Annual Weekly Planner and a cat sling While the new year has been rather low in cat outings, Rainy and I did add a few seniors to our cat therapy visiting list. In addition, Rainy had the opportunity to participate in Kitten Kindergarten.

A year or so ago I joined a Facebook group called Cats with Blogs, whose members are always coming up with fun and creative ways to celebrate cats. One of the members posted a call for cat photos to include in a weekly planner. I’m happy to announce that photos of two of our cats were selected! Bootsie was featured in May and Rainy in December–probably because she’s wearing a Santa hat in her photo.

Andy and I both had a similar idea this past year for a Christmas gift, although we were unaware of this until we opened presents. You might recall that after a friend of mine bought a new pet transport backpack, she gave me her old one because she knew I’d been eager to try one with Rainy. Although Rainy and I both liked the secondhand pet transport backpack, I always envisioned buying one made of softer material than hard plastic, and therefore better able to protect Rainy from the heat. Thanks to Andy, Rainy now has a pet transport back made of mesh, and which is described as having a “well-ventilated design for optimal airflow and checking on pet.” I also bought our pets a pet sling, as another transportation option I’ve yet to try either the backpack or sling due to the cold weather but in the meantime have left them out so that the pets can acclimate to them. I’ll let you know when I use them and how that goes!

Speaking of outings, Rainy and I are still visiting seniors, but who we visit has slightly changed. We lost several hospice patients last year. Even the seniors we see in the retirement community has changed due to death or change of residence. For this reason, in January, we added another floor of the retirement community to our route. Rainy and I met two new seniors who are eager to pet a cat. We even got to sit in on a card game!

The weather this time of year always limits our adventures, but I do have one more to report. As part of my cat business, I’m hosting a Kitten Kindergarten in our basement. Although the couple who brought a kitten to class had their kitten try all the activities, I also had Rainy demo the more complicated ones. When my husband allowed Rainy downstairs, Rainy immediately raced up to one attendee and then another, eager to meet them. Although she hesitated, I’m pleased to report that she came to me when I called her by name. I had her demo the cues, “Watch Me” and “Come”. Then curiosity overcame her. She left my side to visit the kitten; the two hissed at one another. That was my cue to send Rainy back upstairs.

Do you have an adventure, agility, or therapy cat, or simply a cat that has been trained in obedience or tricks? Rainy is lining up new interviews for my blog and for her Instagram account! For more information, contact me at:

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