What A Wonderful Legacy!

At age 11, a Pekingese named Dolly was rescued from a neglectful environment. Kerri Kelly, founder and executive director of Dolly’s Legacy Animal Rescue, said that Dolly was one of 12 Pekingese that had been placed in crates in a furnace room to live 24 hours a day. When rescued, Kelly said, the dogs had ulcerations on their eyes causing some of them to be blinded, severe matting of their coats that was pulling on their skin, and burns on their bellies from lying in their own waste.

According to Kelly, she immediately bonded with Dolly and knew that this “sassy Peke” was meant to be hers. At even a tiny six to eight pounds (and most of that fluff!), Kelly said that Dolly became a ‘seeing eye dog’ for her dog, Cupid, who was born without eyes. “From the moment Dolly came home, she & Cupid were inseparable. When one was, so was the other. He grieved her passing for a long time and was lost without his girl.”

Kelly called Dolly “one in a million” and recalled her having a special little dance she’d do when she would find even the smallest pile of leaves. “She would hop around, flip over onto her back and get as many stuck onto her fluffy black coat as she could. Then she would bunny hop back to the house full of pride at her new collection of leaves.”

The death of her “beautiful, precious, little lady” in 2012 left Kelly devastated, but a year later she turned her sorrow into a tribute when she founded Dolly’s Legacy Animal Rescue on August 9, 2013, or on what would have been Dolly’s 14th birthday. Since its founding, 1300 dogs and 505 cats have been adopted, bringing happiness to the lives of countless pets and their families. Following are some of its more recent success stories.

LibbyBickford_ScoutFinnLibby Bickford: We adopted Scout and Finn from Dolly’s in 2017. We’d lost our first cat a few months prior and Finn’s striking face tugged at me when I saw his picture. Scout came along when we met Finn and we fell for her too. Not once have we regretted bringing them both home. They play and cuddle, and purr and purr! They’re such sweethearts.

While they’re clearly litter mates, they have different personalities. Finn is very laid back in situations he’s comfortable with to the point that we refer to him as “Noodle Cat” or “Finnguinie” because when we pick him up he just flops across our arms. Scout is our busy kitty, never wanting to be still, unless she’s ready to cuddle. She loves meeting new people and we refer to her as the party kitty! She plays, catches mice, and gets zonked out on catnip whenever the opportunity arises.

Our other two cats have learned to tolerate their antics. They were the perfect addition to our family. They’re still the best of friends and keep each other company when either of the other cats (one is an old blind guy, the other is fluffy black diva) doesn’t want to play. We love every day with them.

TaylorLucasBorcher_ChloeDaisyTaylor Lucas Borcher: We adopted Chloe in March 2018 and Daisy in May 2018. I’ve always loved cocker spaniels and had them growing up. I wanted to rescue dogs that truly needed it. These gorgeous girls from a puppy mill caught my eye instantly. I love getting to see their fun personalities come out, taking them to the dog park, seeing how happy they are now. These girls have been through it all together and always cuddle with each other. They’re truly best friends! We’re so happy we’ve been able to keep them together and give them the love they deserve! Thank you, Dolly’s!

Erin Eairleywine-Ganzel_DaleErin Eairleywine-Ganzel: We adopted Dale in May of 2019 from Dolly’s at three months old. Dale was one of the five “chocolates,” and we knew we wanted a large dog but hadn’t picked out one pup in particular from this litter. When we met the litter, Dale immediately attached himself to my husband. He placed his paw on Zach’s knee, like he was saying, “I want these ones, please!” He’s been such an amazing blessing. He loves to play at the dog park and socialize, go on walks, chew his bones, and play fetch. Most of all, he loves to snuggle. He is so spoiled, because we love him so much!

CarolGlancey_JosieRaeCarol Glancy: We adopted Josie Rae in July of 2019, love at first sight, not long after we lost our almost 18-year-old Silky. We wanted a senior dog, and expected to get a calm dog that would need a warm lap. This little miss is 13, but runs circles around us. We had a unique bonding near the start when she went on a 30-day, 5000-mile trip with us. Being together 24 hours a day, she quickly adapted to our family, letting us know we were her people. We’re amazed at how well-behaved and trained she is and we’ve more than little spoiled her. She has four baby blankets, three cushy dog beds, and a stroller she loves, a pink LED collar, plus a mama and daddy who adore her.

JoannStreichKaczor_SummerJoann Streich Kaczor: In 2018, I transported Summer from Missouri. We didn’t have a foster lined up and, by just spending that two hours in the car with her, I knew I had to foster her. She’d one meet with a potential adoptive family, but they wanted to think about it. When I took Summer to Freddy’s afterwards for a pup cup, I looked over at her and knew I couldn’t let her go. My favorite moment with Summer happened this summer when we were fostering five puppies and I brought her to meet them. She usually finds someone to torment, but she had this look of being so overwhelmed by the sheer number of them that she didn’t know what to do. It’s good to keep her on her toes!

KatieNelson_RemiKatie Nelson: We adopted Remi in July of 2019. I saw Remi on Dolly’s Instagram page and instantly fell in love. I told my family, “That is my dog”! When seeing her adoption page on the website, I was looking for a sweet and snuggly dog that would be a good companion and she definitely is. When meeting Remi, she ran right up to me, even with many other dogs and people around. It confirmed even more for me that she was going to be “my dog”! Since bringing her home, she’s been the best companion to both my fiancé and me. She has such a gentle and loving personality, but is also still a young, playful pup. She loves walks, bones, and cuddles. We feel so lucky to have her and couldn’t ask for a better dog!


AndreaSorensen_HiccupAndrea Sorensen: I adopted Hiccup in 2014 and he’s 5 years old now. I fostered his mom Cali. She was an adorable calico that was pregnant, underweight, and in a kill shelter. Dolly rescued her and she had her babies the day after she got to my house. I’d always planned on adopting Cali, but after months of fostering she still did not get along with our other cat. At that point we decided to keep one of the babies. He’s the laziest cat I’ve ever met and gigantic, which if you saw his mom doesn’t make sense. He’s also very sweet and cuddly, on his own terms. We got lucky with him; all his other sibling passed away, he’s the only one that remains from his litter.

More success stories from

Dolly’s Legacy Animal Rescue alumni

Elvira Batelaan_Mickey
Elvira Batelaan: I’d been looking for a puppy and Mickey caught my eye when I checked out Dolly’s website. Adopting him was one of the best decisions ever. He’s a great jogging partner.
Laura Damuth: We were just going to foster Taffy when we picked her up, but she and our corgi, Rolo, got along so well that we had to adopt her! They are best friends and do everything together. Yes, there have been some nibbled-on shoes and stuffed animals don’t last long around her, but she has brought such love and joy into our house.
Olivia DeLancey: I loved how Fenway’s wiry fur and beard and that he insists on enthusiastically licking the faces of everyone he meets. He recently made a big move with us from Nebraska to Florida and was my copilot the whole way. He sat in the passenger seat like a gentleman.
Lisa Moreno: Romeo’s breed and size interested us. We also liked that he’d been fostered with success. He had some food insecurities, along with behaviors which showed us he was skittish and distrustful, but it didn’t take long before he began to trust us. He entertains us with his energy and bounce, and his curiosity about our cat.
Jenn Hawthorne: Charlie’s sweet face and cool temperament won our hearts immediately. We knew we wanted a dog that was past the puppy stage, house-trained, and good with kids. Seeing Charlie with our nieces and nephews has been especially heart-warming, as they often view him as their best friend.
Darla Langendorfer: We adopted Lucy and Gracie because of their corgi breed. The way these two love each other is amazing. We’re so glad we adopted them together!
Deborah Priebe: I adopted Hershey at 3 1/2 months old. She’s very energetic and quite the sweetheart. She has turned out to be a rock star in agility! She is a wonderful teammate!
Erin Thiem: Wilbur stood out to us right away with his tilted head and asymmetrical ears. He’s always been the happiest, sweetest dog-we, and we cherish our morning cuddles with him.
Karen Vogel: Windsor had an instant connection to my husband. The adoption went so well we added Greta. She sat in my lap and I was hooked.

Want to help make more success stories happen? Consider supporting Dolly’s Animal Legacy Animal Rescue by doing your Christmas shopping through the Animal Rescue Auction from November 21-24. The event is hosted by Mary Noonan, who does a monthly auction for different Nebraska rescue groups. This will be Dolly’s fourth year to participate.

Donation of auction items are welcome; Allison Helps Cats has donated a gift basket that includes a $25 discount coupon on animal behavior consulting services. If you’re able to donate an item, email Joann@dollyslegacyanimalrescue.org and she’ll email you a document with everything you need to know to get an item or items posted.

And of course bids on auction items are much encouraged! All dollars raised go directly to the vet care of Dolly’s rescued pets!! “Our volunteers and supporters have a great time donating and buying up unique items,” Kelly said, “especially since it’s right before the holidays!”

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