Pet Video Training Library: Teach A Cat To “Stay”

Welcome to Lincoln Pet Culture’s pet video training library! Each month, we’ll post a video that teaches you to train your cat to perform a particular skill. Although cats and dogs do learn differently, most of the time these lessons can also be used to train a dog. After watching this video, if you need more help, please email us at:

“Stay” is an important but sometimes overlooked command. It could keep your pet from darting out the door or after another animal and it can keep your pet from jumping on guests or begging at the table. Here’s how to teach the command:


  1. Get your pet to “come” and “sit”.
  2. Tell your pet to “stay.”.
  3. Hold your hand in front of your pet’s face, palm facing her
  4. Praise her the entire time she stays. This will encourage her to stay in anticipation of receiving a treat.
  5. Reward her after she stays in place for five seconds


  1. Lengthen the amount of time you ask your pet to “stay” by five seconds.
  2. Each time you repeat this exercise, increase the amount by five more seconds.
  3. If at any point she breaks the stay, decrease the amount to last successful amount.
  4. Never punish her for breaking a stay; this would teach her that training is bad.


  1. After your pet can successfully stay in place, increase the distance from her by a foot.
  2. Each time you repeat this exercise, increase the amount by a foot.
  3. If at any point, she stops coming to you, close the gap until she stays successfully before you widen the gap again.
  4. Keep training sessions short and positive; training is easiest when you can reward success.

Thanks to Andy Frederick for his assistance in shooting and editing this video.

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