Pet Video Training Library: Teach A Cat To “Sit”

Welcome to Lincoln Pet Culture’s pet video training library! Each month, we’ll post a video that teaches you to train your cat to perform a particular skill. Although cats and dogs do learn differently, most of the time these lessons can also be used to train a dog. After watching this video, if you need more help, please email us at:

“Sit” is perhaps the easiest command for a cat to learn. Here’s how to teach it:


  1. Sit or kneel in front of your pet. (Sit far enough away that your cat will not paw at you for a treat.)
  2. Get your pet’s attention.
  3. Slowly lift a treat slightly above his head so he has to crane his neck to see the treat. (Hold the treat close enough to your cat’s nose that he won’t try to jump to reach the treat instead of staying on all four paws.)
  4. Tell him SIT.
  5. As your pet’s head lifts up and back, his rear should lower.
  6. As soon as your pet sits, give him a treat.


  1. To repeat this exercise, toss a treat a short distance away for your pet but stay seated.
  2. Your pet might return to you on his own. Otherwise, call for him to “Come.”
  3. Repeat steps from part one.

Thanks to Andy Frederick for his assistance in shooting and editing this video.

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