Book Reviews from Pawsome Reads

Catherine Smith is a pet owner, artist, and entrepreneur. She founded Muttleys, a fully-insured and professional First Aid Trainer, Dog Walker, and Pet Care Service provider based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom. She also started Pawsome Reads Book Club. This post carries reviews from her of two of the club’s featured reads. Maggie the Wunderdog follows the life to date of Maggie from her humble beginnings as a street dog in Beirut, through her journey of adversity to a loving forever home in the United Kingdom  with author of the book Kasey Carlin. I was a little apprehensive about … Continue reading Book Reviews from Pawsome Reads

Review: Flawed Dogs by Barkley Breathed

Berkeley Breathed’s Flawed Dogs picture book is so good, it deserves to be framed. But don’t, because you’ll want to reread it until its pages are ragged and taped with adoration. In a “letter” from Breathed, we learn that Heidy Strudelberg became swept up with dog showing until meeting a three-legged dog named Sam the Lion. Minutes later, she retired to Piddleton, Vermont to transform a crumbling grain elevator in into the Last Chance Dog Pound. She also created a catalog for your consideration of the pound’s very available leftovers. The letter is in such small print that younger readers will probably … Continue reading Review: Flawed Dogs by Barkley Breathed

Review: Finding My Molly by Peggy Krause

Finding My Molly by Peggy Krause is a sweet story about the love of a girl and her cat. This chapter book, which is on the National Humane Education Society’s recommended reading list, also contains positive messages about accepting those who are different. Although the style feels a little young for the format, Finding My Molly is an enjoyable read. Molly loves her cat, Soupy, who she received as a gift about two years ago when Soupy was a kitten. Whenever she eats chicken soup, she saves some for Soupy. Together, they watch television every day. At night, Molly carries … Continue reading Review: Finding My Molly by Peggy Krause

Stay Home and Foster, An Initiative of GreaterGood.Org

COVID-19 began to spread around the same time that pet shelters and rescues entered puppy and kitten season. Shelter staff were worried that the higher number of pet surrenders during the pandemic, combined with fewer adopters visiting, would lead to … Continue reading Stay Home and Foster, An Initiative of GreaterGood.Org

Review: Don’t Dump the Dog by Randy Grimm

Don’t Dump the Dog offers practical advice for solving behavior problems of dogs, along with lots of laughs and a few tears. Randy Grimm is well-qualified to write this collection of stories and solutions, given that he’s devoted two decades of his life to rescuing street dogs and operates the well-known Stray Rescue in Missouri. As with the biography written about him by Melinda Roth, Don’t Dump the Dog will also make you at least a little mad. This opening chapter sets the stage for how the rest of the book is laid out, being hilarious in setup and style, practical … Continue reading Review: Don’t Dump the Dog by Randy Grimm