Review: The Cat With Three Passports

Pawsome Reads Book Club is an online Facebook book club for like minded pet owners and animal enthusiasts who appreciate the bond between humans and their animal companions. A friendly community, the only rules are nominated books must relate to pets or animal/human and that members must treat each other with kindness. Featured books are discussed by sharing of thoughts and findings with no personal details of members shared. This post carries reviews from host Catherine Smith and from myself of the club’s featured read The Cat with Three Passports. CATHERINE’S REVIEW The Cat with Three Passports is an honest account … Continue reading Review: The Cat With Three Passports

Review: DAWGS by Meredith Wargo

I read DAWGS by Meredith Wargo in a week and then immediately started recommending it to all my friends who love both books and pets. DAWGS is a well-written, first-person, true story of how elementary-school teacher Diane Trull and her fourth-grade students started their own animal shelter. The fact that the shelter exists to this day is a testament to how a small and dedicated group can change the world against the odds. The book is also well-designed. The Dalhart Animal Wellness Group started with a life-changing moment. A small group of students in Trull’s class were huddled over a … Continue reading Review: DAWGS by Meredith Wargo

Interview with Heather Davies of Toronto Cat Rescue

Ever wonder what cat rescue looks like outside of the United States? Heather Davies is a high-volume foster home and a volunteer on the Foster Coordinator team (providing back up, vacation relief, and training) with the Toronto Cat Rescue. The … Continue reading Interview with Heather Davies of Toronto Cat Rescue

Separation Anxiety and Cats

As the world returns to normal following the Covid-19 pandemic, there are changes ahead. Many of us will return to our workplaces, resume gatherings with family and friends, and begin traveling again. While these changes may be both exciting and healthy for us, our cats may experience stress and other separation-related problems as a result of our absence. In this article, I’ll overview what the research tells us about the symptoms of and the solutions for separation anxiety in cats. SYMPTOMS One study on separation anxiety in cats appeared in 2020 in the US National Library of Medicine. This study … Continue reading Separation Anxiety and Cats

Tributes to Foster Pets

During our first year of fostering Gizmo, we discovered that no one was interested in adopting a senior silky terrier with Cushing’s Disease. This left only two options: Gizmo could bounce around from foster home to foster home for the rest of his life, or he could live out his remaining days in a kennel. Not liking either of these, we decided that our first foster would be a failure—that is, we made Gizmo a permanent part of our family by adopting him ourselves. In this final article, I’ll talk about the types of companion animals you might foster, whether to foster or adopt, and share more insights from local pet fosters. Continue reading Tributes to Foster Pets

How to be a Pet Foster Parent

Our foster dog was happy-go-lucky, full of energy, acting more like a puppy then a senior. He loved to destroy his toys. He loved walks and unhealthy foods. He loved our poodle. When there was nothing to do, Gizmo would sit and wobble like an excited R2-D2. Even after an injury left his back legs paralyzed for a few weeks, not once did Gizmo lose his zest for life. My husband and I admired his positive outlook on life and felt mixed emotions in the spring of 2013 when Gizmo found what we hoped would become his forever home. In this third of a four-part article, I’ll explain how to be a foster parent for a pet, what happens after you foster, and share more insights from local pet foster parents. Continue reading How to be a Pet Foster Parent

Challenges of Pet Foster Parenting

If you talk with those who have pet fostered, you’ll find that while fostering can involve challenges, discovering solutions can be a fun part of the pet fostering experience. In this second of a four-part article, I’ll talk about responsibilities involved with fostering, offer tips on how to handle whatever challenges might come your way, as well as share more insights from local pet fosters. Continue reading Challenges of Pet Foster Parenting