Review: Biscuit Storybook Collection by Alyssa Capucilli

Characters often sell a story. In this case, the winsome character is an adorable puppy named Biscuit. He yearns daily to please his young female owner. Sometimes that means trying over and over to learn to fetch a ball. Other times, it means pretending with his mistress that a kid pool and a sand box are the same as going to the beach. Another way that Biscuit makes himself endearing is that he doesn’t have a mean bone in his small body. He makes friends with kittens, bunnies, ducks, fish, and neighbors both near and far. When his young female … Continue reading Review: Biscuit Storybook Collection by Alyssa Capucilli

Review: Wild Things by Clay Carmichael

Can one live alone? Can wild things be tamed? If one always has an exit through which one can escape, is that trust? These are the ideas explored by Clay Carmichael in first young adult novel aptly named Wild Things. According to Carmichael, “this story first strayed into my life on four white pink-padded paws.” Before you start thinking that the book is about cats, it only partially is. It’s also about eleven-year-old Zoe who trusts no one, her reclusive Uncle Henry who takes Zoe in when her mother dies, and a wild boy whose identity remains unknown for most … Continue reading Review: Wild Things by Clay Carmichael

Review: Socks by Beverly Cleary

Socks is an adorable cat story by Beverly Cleary, one of children’s literature most-beloved authors. It’s always a delight to pick up a book by Cleary, whose characters ranged from kindergarteners to teens and dogs and cats to mice. I also enjoy any opportunity to read an animal story. Socks also has special significance to me, because I read it aloud to my own cat Lucy in the few days before she died. A young tabby cat with four white paws, Socks was the favorite cat of Debbie and her brother George. Despite needing to sell their newest litter of kittens, … Continue reading Review: Socks by Beverly Cleary

Volunteer Has Passion in LAA Pet Food Bank

Lincoln Animal Ambassadors wishes to pay tribute to Heather Bauer for her 10+ years of volunteer service with the non-profit. Bauer started her time with LAA by helping with its pet food bank at St. Matthews Episcopal Church. She then switched to being one of LAA’s phone volunteers, which led to her to processing its pet food bank applications. At the time that she gave up her LAA duties to return to school, Bauer was both volunteering with her husband at the pet food bank and helping to deliver newsletters. “I first became involved with LAA when they were holding … Continue reading Volunteer Has Passion in LAA Pet Food Bank

Review: Skippyjon Class Action by Judith Schachner

Judith Schachner’s wonderful imagination infuses the story of Skippyjon Class Action. A great sense of play also permeates the book’s artwork. Both make for compelling reasons why you should purchase Skippyjon Class Action, except that there’s an accusation of racism against the whole series. Is the latter true? And, if it is, does that discount the other merits? Skippyjon is dying to go to school, even if school is just for dogs. And nothing, not even being sent to his room by his mother, is going to keep him from making his wish come true. His mother tells him that he’s already … Continue reading Review: Skippyjon Class Action by Judith Schachner

How To Modify A Pet’s Behavior, Part Two

Dr. Sophia Yin says animal training requires well-defined criteria and clear communication, the right motivators, and excellent timing along with the correct rate of reinforcement. In this second of a two-part article on behavior principles based on the text and the lectures from my Low-Stress Handling certification course, I’ll define and give examples of each principle. I’ll start with well-defined criteria. Let’s say we want to clean our pet’s teeth. It’s unlikely that our pet will let us put a toothbrush in their mouth the first time they’re exposed to one, let alone clean all their teeth in one sitting. … Continue reading How To Modify A Pet’s Behavior, Part Two

Review: The Secret Language of Kittens by Tammy Gagne

The Secret Language of Kittens by Tammy Gagne was a hasty purchase, bought after my husband and I decided to adopt our foster kitten. Compact in size and almost 200 pages in length, this guide to kitten care will serve as a basic introduction for the new pet owner. To obtain in-depth coverage or if you’re a more experienced pet owner, I’d suggest supplementing your shelves with other books. Never had a kitten? The Secret Language of Kittens will help you pick the right breed, as well as know what supplies to purchase. It’ll also give advice on how to introduce your … Continue reading Review: The Secret Language of Kittens by Tammy Gagne